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Zlatko and Rosilind Jukic

Zlatko and Rosilind Jukic


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Rosilind, a graduate of Christ for the Nations Institute, where she studied Practical Theology, Music and Worship and the Arts, left for Croatia in 2004. In 2007 Zlatko and she married at the church where Zlatko has attended since 1995 and has served in the past as a deacon.

In 2011 they moved to a small village east of Zagreb called Gračec, which is a suburb of Zagreb. As their hearts have knit to this community, they have begun earnestly praying for their neighbors and those in neighboring communities of Brckovljani and Vrbovec. They know God has sent them to this community to bring the gospel to a region that has very few evangelical Christians.

Rosilind also leads the largest online women's Bible study in the region; a Bible study that encompasses Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia. Good Morning Girls - Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia has over 200 women from all three countries with 10 simultaneous Facebook study groups, a leadership team and a translation team.

Rosilind helps to mentor women around the world wanting to open Good Morning Girls chapters in their country, by advising them on how to run social media platforms and start blogs.

Rosilind is the author of A Little R & R, a blog for women and has had her articles published by a number of other blogs and websites, including Charisma Magazine.
She has written three books: her best-selling book 14 Days of Agape.

Zlatko and Rosilind have 2 boys: Robert and Andrej.