Summer is a great time to dig in a little deeper into God's Word or explore topics according to Scripture that are going to empower us to live a better more fulfilled life.

Please select the Group you are interested in attending. Here is a list:

"Making Your Children Mind, Without Loosing Yours" - Pr Aaron & Stella

This is a teaching on child raising according to the Word of God. It will give you the tools you need to begin changing the way you relate to your kids to achieve better communication and results at home and as they grow up.

"The Believer" - Pr Darcie Bauer

This is a video teaching for those who have recently accepted or recommitted their life to Christ. It will go through the basics as well as some topics that never get talked about to new believers. Some of those are, "What is the purpose of worship?', "How do we forgive?", "How do we make choices?" etc.

"The Beatitudes" - John & Annette Powell

This is an 8 week video teaching on the beatitudes by Matt Chandler.